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Echo - Share, Listen

Made in Canada

For a fun and rewarding sharing and listening experience.

The new family and friends game that enhances conversation, sharing, listening and understanding each other’s point of view, feelings and background.

The game is suitable from age 7 and great for family picnic, for groups of friends, co-workers and for educational and therapeutic sessions.

Made out of printed fabric, colorful and beautifully designed, this game will give you a wonderful time of sharing and listening, curiosity and fun – in a safe and welcoming friendly atmosphere.

A wonderful gift to give and receive. Great to take on a picnic, to play at home, at school or at work, and actually everywhere…

For educational or therapeutic sessions – this game is perfect as an ‘ice breaker’, for teaching sharing and listening skills, for family therapy, for memory training and enhancement of verbal skills.

The Echo game was developed by Dr. Dikla Ender-Fox, a psychologist with extensive experience in cognitive training, educational psychology and game development. The Hebrew version of this game (with some changes and a different design) is called ‘Hevre’ and is sold widely in Israel.

Games rules:

2-6 participants

The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the end by moving across the board from the start point to the final square (the ‘picnic’). However, you will gain much more than that when you play the game…

Decide who goes first. Each player rolls one die. Whoever rolls the highest number gets to play first. After he takes his turn, the person sitting to his left will take his turn. Play continues in a circle going clockwise.

 Roll the die and move,  To take your turn, roll the die again and read the number that you rolled. Pick up your game piece and move forward that number of spaces. For example, if you roll a two, move your piece two blocks. Look at the sign on the block and pick a card from the pocket that has the same sign. Read the card aloud and share according to what the card asks. Everyone will have to be very attentive to what you are saying because if someone will step on an ECHO sign block – he may have to repeat some of the information one of the participants said…

The ECHO game is available now for online orders – for just 28 CAD + shipping. We ship everywhere in North America.

28 CAD + shipping

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